Greetings, I'm Justin Arkizakel M.

Below, you'll find a large list of my hobbies, interests, and past projects I've been a part of throughout the years. 

+ Clockmaking: My grandfather was a Horologist Conservationist for over 50 years while maintaining the family's bookstore. Growing up, my grandfather taught me the trade starting when I was around 8-9 years old, and I actively still continue to work on clocks as a hobby.

+ Medieval Jousting: I initially started riding a horse when I was 7 years old, while at the same time taking lessons for fencing. At the age of 14, I visited one of my first medieval reenactments where I was immediately attracted to jousting. Ever since, I've been actively training and attending local (some out-of-state) events & fairs. The various suits I've had throughout the years, and my two current ones, have been custom fitted & forged by armorsmith Joel Nazgarth, with the addition of a few pieces that I've forged myself.

Online Projects

These are projects that I've been involved with which are worth making a note of

+ Age of Chivalry - 2007 HL2 Mod, Medieval FPS
+ Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - AoC finalized game, Medieval FPS
+ Never Alone - Alaskan 2D Indie, native stories
+ SteamVR - Virtual Reality, future eye-goggles
+ OpenWRT - Linux networking firmware

Life Events

+ Astrocytoma - Grade two, diagnosed 2017


+ Verge Fusee: Overview and demostration assembly

Contact All QSL cards can be mailed to me directly at my home address below -- I'll send in return! + Mail: [email protected] + Home Address: 218 E 9th St (Russellville, KY. 42276) + SteamID: profiles/Arkizakel © 2005-2018